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Encaustic and Mixed Media

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Encaustic and Mixed Media
The new workshop course that I have developed delves into a mixed media approach to working with Portraiture and Figurative painting. The working large format is ideal for that as there is scope for introducing many other elements to the work through layers and collage. Artists are invited to devote their entire surface to a large face for example, or to develop the elements around the face/figure. As regards this particular genre, I think that many people would like to try Portraiture and/or Figurative painting in Encaustic but are unsure of where to start and how to proceed.
This Workshop will take the mystery out of it (but not the magic!). Step by step instruction will show you how to approach a portrait or figure from the initial drawing to the final highlight. Working vertically on either canvas, paper or panel, I will teach you how to use the hot palette to create luminous skin tones, how to accurately draw the head, how to interpret the light, halftone and shadow and how to paint the features.
Students will also learn to combine life drawing elements with encaustic and I will demonstrate the use of water based encaustic paint as one of the final steps in a portrait, creating very expressive passages and transitions.
Fr. 20.11.2020 - So. 22.11.2020 
3 Tage 
10:00 - 17:00 
350,00 €  
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl
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